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TheHotelCritic.co is one of the fastest-growing online publication for hotel reviews. I have created a unique comprehensive hotel review system. With a focus on curated lifestyle content for our website readers and email subscribers. 

We have over 150,000 monthly visits. In addition, we have a powerful & active database of subscribers.
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Each month we reach over 140,000 savvy readers. We’ve also cultivated a community of active voices on our social media channels.
Our average visitor reads 3 pages/session on average 6 minutes and 22 seconds is spent per user. Our bounce rate is 25%.
You come from a place of higher class. So you deserve to know where the true secret beautiful lie. The hotel “7 wonders of the world” that allow you to escape to a place that you have never been to before.
Or even know the earth contained so much beauty until it captivates you upon your presence, as you see it eye-to-eye.
We mean the true living, breathing, organic art of true travel and elegance. This is where the magic lies. It’s a representation of your inner beliefs of culture, history and art all merged in one experience potion. Modern luxury you say? Fancy you say it. Because we were just thinking the same thing and thought how you could use some in your life
Your friends want, and sure you want it. But do you REALLY want it?
Such extravagance is a delight when you have worked so hard for it. That ability to put your feet up and know you chose the right hotel experience package, better than all the rest that you have experienced before.

The experiences you desire are within a fingers reach, all you have to do is pull the trigger and live your dream. These are the experiences that you will treasure for the rest of your lifetime, that will be spoken upon for generations and generations to come.

The décor, the ravishing elements of a hotel room that tickle your fancy button and introduce something that can be It’s time to hit that reset button, sit back relax and let the beauty of this earth take you by the horns and show you whose boss.

What was the point of making all this money if you can’t spend it at the best places in the world with the people that you love. Don’t wait for these moments to pass you by, because you do, you might never get them back again.The opportunity cost is too high to not take it. So let’s see allureAs they say, man is like a fine wine, as he ages the appeal increases. We’ll see you on the other side

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